April 20th, 2012

Meg Duerksen is the second highest fundraiser of our water campaign thus far!

How did she do it?
Meg has an awesome and very popular blog about her life, her family, photography, art, and design. It’s pretty fun and fantastic, and we recommend you go look at her recent photos of cows and chicken (or maybe we’re just fascinated because we don’t really have those here in NYC)

Using her blog as a call-to-action platform, Meg promoted the clean water campaign. She included an entry for fun giveaway baskets for everyone who donated to her page.

What were the results?
She has raised $2,740! And probably gave away a ton of great, crafty items.
In essence, Meg and her network of phenomenal supporters came together to hire and train 4 well mechanics in India, providing clean water for 20,000 people.

Why we love this?
It was fun, engaging, and Meg used what she already had in order to make a huge splash on World Water Day: her blog, her large following, and her crafty ideas and great photography. You don’t always need to come up with brand new ways to raise money and engage your friends. Use what you have — it clearly can go a long way!

To learn more about The Adventure Project’s sustainable solution to the global water crisis, visit www.theadventureproject.org, or give to the project today!

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